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Shanghai Auto show Highlights Emerging Trends in Luxury Business Cars

Published: 2023-04-25 16:15:02

The Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition is an important event in the Chinese automotive industry and a key platform for Chinese business car brands to reach the world. At this year's auto show, Chinese manufacturers showcased various types of business models and launched them in the global market with independent innovation, high-quality, and personalized design.

Among them, the BUFITE Automotive BUFITE S, a high-end business vehicle, has attracted the attention and favor of domestic and foreign media and audiences, becoming a beautiful scenery at this year's Auto show.

As a luxury car specifically designed for business occasions, the BUFITE S not only leaves a deep impression on the exterior design, but also showcases users' pursuit of excellence in taste and comfort in the driving experience. Whether it's multifunctional seats, high-tech entertainment systems, or unique decorative details, this business car highlights the unique charm of the BUFITE brand.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, BUFITE S also showcased its latest six designer themed interior colors, including Bordeaux Red, Capri Blue, Morandi Brown, Bulgari Black, Hermes Orange, and Elizabeth White, which can meet the diverse needs of consumers.

Its customized service system has won the favor of business professionals and high-end users, and has been highly praised by the industry and audiences. Its unique combination of luxury and functionality created a buzz among visitors, leading to an influx of orders from international buyers including top executives and VIPs from Europe,Asia,and the United States.

The appearance of BUFITE business car at the Shanghai Auto Show showed the strength and charm of Chinese high-end luxury business car brands to the world. In the future, we have reason to believe that Chinese brand business vehicles will become increasingly powerful in the international market and move towards a wider range of fields!

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