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Heze fresh cut peonies' market demand surges

Published: 2022-07-11 10:15:14

The Kunming International Flora Auction Trading Center launched fresh cut peony trade for the first time this year.

The center chose 14 main suppliers for collaboration in Heze, China's "peony capital", and has ensured high-quality fresh cut peonies through meticulous supply quality and logistics management.


Farmers cut fresh peonies at a plantation base in Heze, Shandong province. [Photo/Heze Daily]

By May 5, the total supply of Heze-produced fresh cut peonies at the Kunming center had reached 470,000 flowers, with an average price of 3 yuan ($0.44) per flower.

According to industry insiders, the Heze-produced fresh cut peonies have gained market recognition, forming a certain type of influence at the Kunming Dounan Agricultural Products Auction.

"According to the current sales orders, the total number of fresh cut peony flowers in Heze is expected to exceed 60 million this year, accounting for more than 50 percent of the national total," said Zhou Changyu, president of Heze Fresh Cut Peony Association.


Workers select and package the fresh cut peonies at a workshop in Heze, Shandong province. [Photo/Heze Daily]

The planting area of the Chinese herbaceous peony in Heze is about 2,000 hectares, and one-third of its production output will be sold as fresh cut flowers, making Heze the largest fresh cut peony production base in the country, according to Zhou.

Heze has long been focusing on peony breed selection and cultivation. Efforts have been made to introduce rare foreign varieties, cultivate excellent domestic varieties, and improve the breeding innovation ability to top the market with high quality.

There are about 460 domestic traditional peony varieties and 170 imported varieties in Heze. Among them, more than 30 varieties are suitable for cut flowers.

Due to different flowering times, these varieties can meet the surging market demand of several festivals and holidays, such as the May Day holiday, Mother's Day, and the Online Valentine's Day (May 20).


Heze-produced fresh cut peonies are gaining market recognition. [Photo/Heze Daily]


Thanks to the country's highly developed e-commerce channels, Heze-produced fresh cut peonies sell nationwide. [Photo/Heze Daily]

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