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"The Best match for the game" won the accolade for the end of "Oreore Watch"

Published: 2022-12-20 12:25:01

The quadrennial World Cup has finally come to an end with Argentina winning the World Cup for the first time in 36 years. For 28 days, there are not only wonderful games to accompany the audience, but also the innovative live broadcasting of "Ole Ole" to truly let the audience "watch the game alone".

In the 10th program, the audience from the group stage to the final stage also achieved a higher level of identity in the company of senior professional commentary, die-hard fans and soccer girls accompanied by different guests. They were equally integrated into this global carnival in their innovative experience. "This is the perfect electronic beer to watch football," wrote one user. And the point is, unlimited refills!"

So far, the total number of viewers of the all-channel live broadcast of "Oreuore" has exceeded 117 million, the number of topics read on Weibo has exceeded 800 million, and the number of hot searches and hot lists on the Internet has exceeded 47.

"Electronic beer" ten periods "accompany to see", there is always a cup of taste for you

90 minutes of the match, except for the highlight of the goal, how to fill the rest of the time? Every movement, every topic, every piece of history is amplified and brought to a different perspective in The Oreore Watch. No matter which team's fans, or the spectators, can understand the details of the game according to their own experience, have internal rational thinking and emotional resonance, this is just a different flavor of "electronic beer", even if everyone can't agree, but there is always a cup suitable for their own.

Just like that, the topic of the World Cup multiplies with the diversity of guests. The "electronic beer" brought by "Oreore Company" is all interesting, inside stories, history and legends related to the World Cup, rather than a serious football commentary program. It not only brings more diversified and immersive watching experience for fans, It also gives those who do not watch or understand the game a chance to participate in the topic of the World Cup. This program creation idea really makes "watching" with the public significance.

Full of atmosphere, not only zero distance to watch the game, but also unlimited refill of "electronic beer"

For the hundreds of millions of spectators who cannot attend the games in person, how to maximize the demand for such diverse atmosphere through the mobile phone screen? Oreorel's Company is a bistro that serves up cold, bubbling "electronic beer".

On the one hand, "Oreore Company" allows the audience to come to the real scene. The program uses the way of VLOG+ connection to follow the Qatari fans out of the studio and into the stadium, realizing "zero distance" to watch the football.

On the other hand, Oreore Watch also makes the scene more playable through multiple media forms. It not only offers "electronic beer" with "unlimited refills" and "various flavors," but also creates a warm atmosphere for drinking.

The program not only changes the traditional 2-person, 1-table game commentary mode, but also creates a live-action fan bar stage. Through bullet screen interaction, red envelope rain, fun games, etc., the audience's emotional and social needs beyond "watching" can be satisfied.

It can be seen that "Oreuore Company" focuses on highlighting the story scene, finding the correlation point with users, digging into the scene connotation and integrating into the story, thus forming the unique atmosphere experience of World Cup watching.

Third, the resource advantage is amplified again, "electronic beer" should be able to make people emotional aftertaste endless

In the age of social media, eating, watching, playing and talking seem to be the real norm. The significance of the Oreore Company is that it allows viewers to not only immerse themselves in the moment of drinking the electronic beer, but also to enjoy it after the game.

In the open experience, "Oreuore Company" has built a smooth two-way interactive communication space for the audience. With the progress of the World Cup, the program has generated a large number of topics for watching and talking during the middle and late stages of the program, which reflects the strong connection between the audience and the social platform, as well as the possibility of collective carnival.

It can be said that every exploration is the use of its own resource advantages and innovation ability to explore the boundaries of competition communication. And "Ole Ole Watch" with the World Cup aggregated traffic, further magnifies the advantages of the platform.

New ways of financing media not only empower the World Cup, but also become a powerful help for central Video to build a mainstream interactive platform for sports events. From the development of content, to the new form, and to the linkage communication of events and derivative programs, CNYVideo has made the audience see the infinite potential of this state-level 5G new media flagship platform through a series of quality programs.

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